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3 Ways You Are Angering Your Home Buyers!

If you are looking to sell your Maryland home chances are you want to sell it fast. The best way to get your house sold fast is to make it appeal to the largest pool of buyers possible. However, not every seller understands what that means. If you are ready to get your house sold, avoid doing these 3 things that can anger potential buyers.

1. Not Thoroughly Cleaning Your House Before Showings

Buyers want to find move-in ready houses, they don’t want to walk in to see your pile of dirty dishes and laundry that you haven’t gotten around to folding. When you are getting ready to put your house on the market, you need to get it show ready. And, this includes doing a deep clean on your house. You want to get your house as close to looking like it has never been lived in as possible. 

We get in the habit of “hiding” our mess when company comes over. The typical things include hiding dirty dishes in the oven, moving piles of paper from the kitchen counter to the master bedroom, or stuffing things into closets. You cannot do this when you are selling your house. Buyers are looking to buy everything, including your appliances and closets. That means they are going to look inside of everything, they may even open your kitchen cabinets. Make your house appeal to buyers by cleaning it all.

2. Overpricing

Thanks to modern day technology buyers are more educated than ever. That means that they know what your house is worth more than what you want them to. Before they even have a chance to look at your house in person they have already saw it online, along with the other houses in the area that you are competing with. If you want to attract buyers to your house, price it right. Thinking that you are pricing it a little high just in case you get someone at that price, or to at least give you room to negotiate down to an acceptable price, can actually backfire and just anger the buyers looking at your house. This is the last thing you want to happen when you are trying to sell.

3. Not Leaving When Your House is Being Shown

A buyer is looking for a house to make their own. In order for this to happen, they don’t want to see you in the house. Buyers need to be able to walk through your house without connecting it with a current owner. Sticking around for open houses and showings is a huge mistake that will turn off any buyer. If you want them to consider buying your house you need to leave so they have the time they need to look through your house, every part of it. No buyer is comfortable looking in your closet or your kitchen cabinets when you are following them around. Your presence at the house will cause them to rush through it and leave without being able to connect with the house and picture themselves living in it.

If you want to get your house sold, avoid angering buyers by avoiding these 3 mistakes.

Malcolm Lawson

Malcolm Lawson

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