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3 Ways You Are Angering Your Home Sellers!

Are you excited to get your home buying process underway? Well, there are many locations that are experiencing hot real estate markets right now. If you wan to make sure that you can score the house of your dreams, avoid doing these 3 things that cause sellers to get angry:

1. Criticising the House

In an effort to negotiate the price lower some buyers make the mistakes of trying to point out all of the problems with the house. This is a big mistake if you want a seller to be willing to work with you. Sellers are generally emotionally attached to their house. The house holds good memories and past experiences and more value than it will to many buyers. The house may not be what the seller thinks it is worth, but you are never going to gain their favour by criticising them or their house. And, you may not think that pointing out things that are wrong with the house would offend the homeowner, but you are wrong. That person has most likely poured themselves into the property in one way or another. If you want to win them over, always start with compliments first.

2. Not Being Able to Secure Financing

If you make an offer and go into escrow with a seller and then the deal falls through or takes twice as long because you are struggling to get financing, you could risk losing the deal. This is pretty easy to avoid by speaking to a mortgage lender prior to starting your home search. Take the time to work through the preapproval process. Not only will this keep the process moving along faster once you find a house that you want to make an offer on, but it also will make your offer look more appealing to the seller. If you wind up in a situation where the seller receives multiple offers you want yours to stand out and look like a great option. Preapproval is always a good idea.

3. Submitting a Low-Ball Offer

The fastest way to make a seller angry is to hit them with a low ball offer. The seller knows what the value of their house is, and they most likely think it is worth a little more than it is. So, you don’t have to agree to pay full price, but if you come in extremely low in hopes of getting a steal, you are most likely just going to anger the seller. You need to do your research to find out what the market value of the house is. If you want to offer slightly lower you can try and the seller may be willing to work with you. But, if you offer a lot lower, even with a full cash offer, you stand to lose the deal completely. Some sellers once angered by the buyer will become unwilling to negotiate a deal and will just turn your offer down and close the door for you. If you want to seal the deal on the house, come in with your best offer, or at least a good offer, to give the seller something to consider. You want them to work with you, so you need to give them something they can work with.

Are you serious about buying a house? Then you need to do your best to work with the seller instead of against them.

Malcolm Lawson

Malcolm Lawson

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Malcolm is an 11 year Air Force Veteran and is a part of a family team of Maryland REALTORS along with his wife, mother and sister in-law.

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